Apex to Mesquite and Moapa Valley Corridor Study

Study Recommendations

Based on careful analysis and input from area stakeholders and the general public, the Apex to Mesquite & Moapa Valley study team identified various needs that when addressed would improve the transportation experience within the study area. Three types of needs and potential improvements to address those needs were identified and are indicated below: You may click the appropriate button to access an interactive map that will provide the details for each potential transportation improvement generated by the study.

Immediate Needs Alternatives   

The immediate needs alternatives are generally projects that will address current congestion or other transportation shortfalls. The immediate needs projects will improve safety, reduce isolated congestion and enhance the overall driver experience.

Medium Term Needs Alternatives   

Medium term needs alternatives are roadway improvements associated with a future increase in traffic volume.  As development progresses in study area, the existing infrastructure will become overloaded and will require improvements. Medium needs projects are generally capacity improvements. Many of the improvements will only be required when and if future development occurs.

Long Term Needs Alternatives   

Long term needs alternatives are larger scale capacity projects triggered by future development and overall population growth. Many of the long term needs are developer driven improvements and are tied to a specific average daily traffic volume (ADT) trigger.

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