Apex to Mesquite and Moapa Valley Corridor Study

Study Process and Schedule

The Apex to Mesquite and Moapa Valley Corridor Study is one step in a multi-faceted project delivery process.

Study process chart 1

The Apex to Mesquite and Moapa Valley Corridor Study timeline extends out 18 months. Key stakeholder participation milestones and an overview of the study process are presented below:

Study process chart 2

The study process includes identifying an extensive screening and evaluation of alternatives process. As potential transportation improvements for the corridors are developed they will be screened by determining how each improvement meets the Corridor_Vision_&_Objectives. The screening criteria include MOBILITY, ACCESSIBILITY, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT, COMMUNITY and IMPLEMENTABILITY. The screening process is a tiered approach that narrows down more promising alternatives so they can be reviewed in greater detail.

Study process chart 3

Screening Criteria

1. Mobility: efficient movement of people and goods
2. Accessibility: connect people to desired destinations
3. Safety: reach destinations safely
4. Environment: protect and enhance environmental resources
5. Community: impacts on the physical and social characteristics of a local community
6. Implementability: cost, phasing and funding of improvements
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