Apex to Mesquite and Moapa Valley Corridor Study


The Apex to Mesquite and Moapa Valley Corridor Study is a joint effort project sponsored by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) and the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC). The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is a key partner in the process providing guidance and review of the study’s work products.

The study includes the following routes:

  • I-15 from MP 57.00 to 123.77 (Apex to Stateline)
  • US93 from MP 52.03 to 86.58 (I-15 to Lincoln County line)
  • SR168 from MP 0.00 to 23.76 (I-15 to US93)
  • SR169 from I-15 to MP 5.82 (I-15 to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area boundary)*
    *Note: SR 169 between Logandale and Overton are subject to an existing conditions safety review only.

Map of study routes
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Project Objective

To develop a long range master plan for each of the study corridors including early action improvements, safety enhancements, access control policy, corridor preservation objectives and physical upgrades to existing infrastructure. The project will serve as a foundation for future environmental analysis, design and construction efforts.

Linking the corridor study process to support the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process

The Corridor Study will serve as the foundation for future project specific environmental analyses’ embracing the philosophy of "Linking planning and NEPA".

The Corridor Study will be organized in the following manner thereby supporting future environmental planning:

  • Corridor level goals and objectives
  • General travel corridor definition
  • Preliminary screening of alternatives and elimination of unreasonable alternatives
  • Basic description of environmental setting
  • Preliminary identification of environmental impacts and mitigation

Phasing of Alternatives/Plan Forward

Stakeholder outreach is an integral component of linking planning and NEPA. The study process will involve interested state, local, tribal and federal agencies and include Public Review with an opportunity for comment. It will include documentation of relevant decisions and review by the FHWA.

Click www.epa.gov/Compliance/nepa to obtain additional information on the NEPA process.

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